Flu Clinics – Flu Vaccine ONLY

Due to the current situation with Covid 19, for patient and staff safety, we have put social distancing measures in place and would appreciate that everyone follows the signs that are put up for guidance and, adhere to the instructions given when you attend for the clinics. Please do not arrive before your appointment time and make sure you are wearing a face covering. Please do not attend if you have any Covid 19 Symptoms.

Our flu clinics will operate in two forms this year, Weekday clinics and Saturday clinics.

Weekday clinics: (Please check the signage as you come onto the premises).

ENTRANCE will be on the left (black gate) side of the building, on Croydon Road, please follow the signs. You will be required to queue behind the yellow and black markers on the floor and met by the Clinician under the canopy provided. Once you have been given your vaccine, please continue to follow the arrow signs to EXIT, which is the black gate to the right of the building on Addington Road.

Saturday Clinics:

Please use the MAIN ENTRANCE and kindly join one of two queues at each side of the building, there will be a member of staff allowing entry to 2 patients at a time. For social distancing, please queue on the floor markings until you are seen, follow the arrow that leads you to the EXIT, this will be at the side at which you are seen, Doctors EXIT to the left, Nurses EXIT to the right. 

Please be aware, PRIORITY will be given to patients we assess to be FRAIL. Please come along prepared for the weather.

Thank you for your patience and coorperation.

The Manager